The Bali Water Sports Scene in 2017

The Bali Water Sports Scene in 2017
The Bali Water Sports scene in 2017 is greater than ever before. As a popular surf destination since the 1980s, this country boasts an exceptional array of underwater activities for surfers and non surfers! Tourists and locals alike are able to enjoy an abundance of water sports in Bali. From surfing to snorkeling and SCUBA diving the options are endless. Seasoned athletes can enjoy water sports in Bali, as can less experienced individuals. See the picks for the must-do water sports in Bali as well as the best spots to experience an amazing and unforgettable underwater adventure. A trip to Bali would not be complete without significant time spent on, in or near the water. Do yourself a favor and enjoy the crystal blue water of this amazing country. See sights you may have only seen on television or in books and magazines. Experience the natural wonder of this amazing country first hand and up close and personal.

The country of Bali conjures images of white sand beaches and crystal blue waters, palm trees swaying in the breeze and a fruity drink in hand. However, a trip to Bali in 2017 would not be complete without significant time spent on, in, or near the water. The water sports scene in this country is second to none and the offerings are generous.

Home to nearly a dozen surf competitions every year, the Bali surf scene is alive and growing. With warm water and warmer weather, as well as a long season of tall waves – Bali is a top surfing destination. Some popular surf spots include: Dreamland, Uluwatu, and Suluban.

Part of the Coral Triangle, Bali is home to an area of extremely high biodiversity. According to Wikipedia, over 500 reef building species can be found here. The coral reefs are home to diverse marine life and amazing coral reefs. The best way to see the coral reefs is by SCUBA diving. You can see drops offs, ship wrecks and get up close and personal with the wildlife. If you aren’t certified to SCUBA, you can still see amazing sites by snorkeling coral reefs in Bali. All you need is a mask and a snorkel to start seeing an underwater kingdom unlike anything on land.

2017 boasts some non-traditional underwater activities that the entire family will enjoy. SUP or stand up paddle board is an activity all skill levels can enjoy. Additionally, for those that aren’t SCUBA certified, be sure to check out “sea walking.” Finally, strap on a jet pack and fly in the air above the water. This is a fairly newer water sport activity but is gaining traction in Bali and clearly a lot of fun.

Water sports in Bali are one of the many ways to enjoy the nature and beauty of this amazing country. Do not miss an under (or over) water experience in beautiful Bali!