Why your business needs commercial trucking insurance in 2020

Nightmare stories; we have all heard them before. You woke up and someone has stolen your vehicle.
You are out on the road and get into an accident. We have all experienced some kind of accident. Failed breaks on your truck, the works. A truck on fire or a tree fell on your vehicle; it’s all annoying. Not having commercial truck insurance will break you. The good thing about insurance; is it provides peace of mind.

Having trucking insurance provides total coverage, from nightmares. Your business needs trucking insurance, to protect your business. It’s very critical to have money to operate your business. Without insurance; your company will not survive very long. Commercial Insurance can help minimize financial loss. The law requires you to have car insurance. Having insurance protects you and other’s property.

Customers are more likely to buy; when you are insured. You can protect your cargo by having insurance. It is your financial responsibility to have your truck insured. No insurance may mean jail time for you. The high fees and high ticket costs are horrible. If you don’t have insurance, you have to pay.
Caught driving without insurance can lead to the following:

• Suspension of License.
• Having your vehicle to be impounded.
• Maybe potential jail time.
• High fees and ticket cost.

Getting in an accident without any insurance is trouble for you. You will be liable to be sued by the other driver, if not insured. Being uninsured is no laughing matter. Traffic violations you have committed may stay on your record for 3 years. Save the heartache and go on and get your truck insured. Who can afford the high cost of getting your license back? Some fines for license suspension are $500, or more.

Avoid all the drama, and do the right thing. Look we all make mistakes when driving. Trying to avoid a car wreck is good. No matter how good of a driver you may be, accidents will happen. Being responsible, and following the law is critical. Being a good driver means protecting your vehicle and the other driver’s property also. In 2019 reports show in the U.S alone are over 227 million licensed drivers and growing.

There are more drivers on the road now. Drivers are texting, talking on the phone while driving; you name it. There are too many distractions for drivers now. The more drivers the more accidents. Protect your truck; get your truck commercial insurance today.